Fantasy Casino Rating and reviews

Fantasy Casino Rating and reviews

The grid layouts and infinite buttons that are common in many online casinos have been eliminated from the Fantasy Casino, making it a visually appealing gambling venue. In its place, there is a clean and vibrant layout, with clear text superimposed against a background depicting a cloudy night sky.

Your guides at Fantasy Casino are a dragon, a monster, and a fairy, and they do an excellent job of promoting the site’s advantages. They are entrusted with introducing you to the main elements of the casino. Fantasy Casino has experimented with and been successful at doing something unique thanks to the decision to give its website a personality.

The jovial red dragon known as Ace will serve as your casino dealer and also acts as the host for more than 50 different casino games, including blackjack and slots. The monster/alien known as Kalos is the one responsible for dispensing the daily bonuses and promotions at Fantasy Casino.

Then there is Crystal, the fairy that manages the VIP facilities on the website and is responsible for rewarding frequent participants. Users of smartphones and tablets may take use of Fantasy Casino’s mobile casino, which is an integral part of the site. If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the webpage, you will be rewarded with one more breathtaking picture. This image depicts an elf carrying a massive load of riches through a magical woodland.

All there is to know about Fantasy Casino

BGS Group Limited is the company that manages Fantasy Casino. A gaming license that was granted in the jurisdiction of Curacao is held by the corporation. BGS Group Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BGS Madrid Holding, which is a Spanish company with its registered headquarters in Madrid. In the event that you need to get in touch with Fantasy Casino, the website gives phone numbers for the United Kingdom, the United States, and Estonia. In addition, you may contact them using their provided email address or through the provided live chat service.

Oddly enough, it does not seem that Fantasy Casino has a support area, a frequently asked questions section, or any banking data. However, after you have registered, at least part of this information ought to be made accessible to you. The only certain fact is that accepted methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill. Nothing else is known.

Incredible Additional Benefits

It is very unusual, if not completely unheard of, for a casino to use the term “losses” on the part of its website that is dedicated to promotions. Because casinos don’t want to accept in so many words that you can and statistically will lose money playing there, they prefer to use euphemism phrasing instead, such as “wagering all of your deposit.” This is because casinos don’t like to acknowledge that people may lose money playing there. In spite of this, the term “losses” shows up no less than four times across the Fantasy Casino website.

Join Our Team as an Affiliate.

It is very uncommon for online casinos to have affiliate programs, which provide other website owners the opportunity to earn a commission for each new client that they bring in. Fantasy Casino is a notch above, at least in terms of its aesthetics, in comparison to the majority of the casinos that are operated by these companies, which are often not worth recommending since they look like junk.

That is to say, it is a website that you may possibly suggest in good faith, and it is also a website with which visitors to your website could be open to joining up. If you sign up as an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn a commission of up to forty percent each and every month, with prompt payments being issued every two weeks.

The Competition Is About to Start.

There is no way to criticize the level of entertainment provided by Fantasy Casino’s games. Players may anticipate some absolutely remarkable games as a result of the involvement of companies like NetEnt and DGS in the project. On the other hand, there is not a single game to be seen on the homepage of Fantasy Casino. This is because the website is more concerned with advertising what it can provide, as opposed to what can be offered by third party software developers.

When you go to the Casino Games part of the site, on the other hand, the slot machines and the other games may finally grab the spotlight for themselves. The following categories make up the games that are available: Live Dealer Casino, Slot Machines, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker Games, and a Variety of Other Games Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch the live casino games without first signing in, which means there is no way to determine which games are offered.

Slots Arranged in Rows

When you go to the Slots page, you’ll see that there are rows upon rows of slot machines just waiting to be played. There do not seem to be any games that contribute to a progressive jackpot; instead, there are dozens of standard video slots with five reels. Playing Demolition Squad will let you to make a mess, playing Diamond Dogs will satisfy your taste for all things kitsch, and playing Egg-O-Matic will take you to the henhouse. Reel Rush successfully captures the essence of Candy Crush, while Blood Suckers is every bit as macabre as its name would lead one to believe it would be.

There are also a few branded slots available at Fantasy Casino, such as both of the South Park games: the original, as well as South Park Reel Chaos, in which Butters acts as his villainous alter ego and causes mayhem. As a side note, there is no search function available, so if you are looking for a certain game, you will have to go through the whole list until you find it.

The subject matter covers a wide range of genres and topics, including film noir, anime, fairy tales, myths and legends, science, rock & roll, and many more. Scarface and Guns n’ Roses are two of the other branded slots available.

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